Say or not say,

it’s a forever question.

Question of life,

question of love.

To not live,

To not die,

To stay alive,

To numb,

To not cry.

If you think I am being stupid,

or being childish or silly,

then I could tell you this:

I am now more mature then ever before,

one who knows what he wants and gives.

Not responding means,

not responding.

It is working,

but not responding,

not suspended.

Respond is a choice,

to not respond,

is a choice as well.

But when not responding,

we shut and reboot.

When it comes to humans,

it’s death,

and rebirth.

You know me better,

I know me clearer,

This is the science of love.

Maybe nor together,

OK have lesser,

But in time we are all ever.

One thing only I do fell worse than dying:

Things regained hardly loosing again.

Sure thing somehow it might not happen,

If I could know things will happen.

With permission,

I could have done more.

More than I am capable of now,

Less then I was capable of before.


the thing we’ve been fighting for long.


the thing we all hope could avoid.

But sometimes, it’s the only thing that can save us from it.

No matter how the thing goes,

There’s one fact that will never change:

We will prejudge our cal today after today,

To see if anything could have been done.


Why do that?

It’s your call,

So feel proud of it.

Don’t balme yourself,

It’s not your fault.

It has never been,

It has always been.

It’s the system,

That failed us all.